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CALI PASS ... Multi Resort App, for China Peak, Bear Valley, Dodge Ridge and Mountain High. Dive into the ultimate skiing adventure with the Cali Pass App, your passport to California's premier ski destinations. With this app, you unlock unlimited skiing at four renowned resorts, along with access to a network of global destinations. Get up-to-the-minute lift statuses, weather reports, and live mountain views to choose the best spot for your ski sessions. Navigate effortlessly with intricate 3D maps, manage your ski passes, and track your downhill achievements all in one place. The Cali Pass App also connects you with the skiing community for a social and comprehensive experience on the slopes. The Cali Pass App also includes information on Powder Alliance resorts. Ready for the mountains? Your journey begins here.

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CHINA PEAK ONLY... This is the China Peak single resort app. For navigating your home mountain, tracking your visits and having the most up to date information at your fingertips at all times. Kick off an extraordinary skiing journey with the China Peak App, your dedicated guide to China Peak, CA. The newly launched China Peak app is your portal to an unmatched skiing experience, providing detailed insights and features specifically designed for the resort and its avid skiers. Stay updated with real-time lift statuses, weather conditions, and live mountain views to plan your ski adventures perfectly. Effortlessly navigate with detailed 3D maps, manage your ski passes, and track your downhill progress all in one convenient place. The China Peak App also nurtures a dynamic skiing community, enriching your social and engaging experiences on the slopes. Your skiing adventure begins now!

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