Kid's Lessons

Our kid's lessons are the best way to introduce your child to the world of skiing and snowboarding, as well as develop their skills so they can enjoy the mountain with you!  We highly recommend starting youngsters off on skis, as it's easier to learn than snowboarding at the younger ages.  Once they get comfortable on skis, they can switch to snowboarding if they choose later on.



Our Kid's Camp is an all day or half day program spent with our team of coaches and staff focused on kid fun and learning.  All campers meet at the Ski and Board School meeting area fifteen minutes before lesson start time.  *Early drop off is available as early as 9:15AM in the clubhouse on weekends and holidays.

  • Includes and all mountain lift ticket
  • Includes equipment rental for the day
  • Includes two hour group lesson guaranteed
  • Includes lunch

All Day Kid's Camp - $130

  • 10AM - 4PM 
  •  For skiers and snowboarders ages 6-12
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels

Half Day Kid's Camp - $100

  • 10AM - 2PM, 12PM - 4PM
  • For skiers and snowboarders ages 4-12
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels

Lunch Only Indoors - $25

  • 12PM - 2PM


This special lesson package is for our future skiers.  With Mom and/or Dad along for support and encouragement, we'll help make the first time sliding as much fun as possible!  Riding our kid's little moving carpet makes the first time fun and easy.

  • Age 3
  • Includes lift ticket, ski equipment and a one hour lesson
  • Check at ticket window for starting time

LEARN TO SKI OR RIDE PACKAGE* - Ages 4 and up - $149 (BEST DEAL)

The best and most economical way to get started skiing or snowboarding is our popular Learn to Ski or Ride Package designed for first timers!  This program includes 3 days of rentals, group lessons and a restricted lift ticket (valid for the moving carpets) for each day.  All 3 days do not need to be consecutive. Special Note: China Peak's Learn to Ski or Snowboard Program is specific to learning to ski or snowboard. Once you select either skiing or snowboarding, if at any time prior to completing all 3 days you desire to switch from skiing to snowboarding or vice versa, you are required to purchase a new Learn to Ski or Snowboard package.

  • Valid for beginners ages 4+.
  • Includes rentals and a group lesson each of 3 days.
  • Includes a beginner ticket valid for the moving carpet on all 3 days.  If appropriate, access to chairlifts is allowed during a lesson with an instructor.
  • Purchasers may upgrade for an additional fee to a chairlift ticket after the lesson has been completed on any of the 3 days.
  • Upgrade rates listed below.
      Senior plus $22 $26
      Senior  $26 $31
      Adult $29 $33
      20's $22 $26
      Teen $20 $24
      Kid $10 $14
      5 & Under Free Free


  • When purchasing the three day program, purchaser is committing to learn to either ski or snowboard, not both. If at any time during the 3 day program purchaser decides to switch to skiing or snowboarding, the program starts over and purchaser is required to purchase a new three day package, no exceptions.

Please note that this beginner program is for first time skiers and riders only and is not valid for purchase with Costco Cash Cards. 


INTRO TO SKI OR RIDE - Ages 4-5 - $70, ages 6-12 - $90, ages 13+ - $115

Get on the slopes with an introduction to skiing or snowboarding.  This one day package is for ages 4 and up and includes a beginner group lesson, rental equipment and a beginner lift ticket for the moving carpet lifts.  You can upgrade this package to the Three Day Learn to Ski and Ride Package for an upgrade fee.


ALL MOUNTAIN PACKAGE - Ages 4-5 - $70, Ages 6-12 - $95 ($99 holiday*), Ages 13-19 - $125 ($129 holiday*), Ages 20-29 - $130 ($134 holiday*), Ages 30-64 $145 ($149 holiday*), Ages 65-69 - $135 ($140 holiday*), Ages 70+ - $130 ($134 holiday*).

  • Includes an all mountain lift ticket 
  • Two hour group lesson (less if fewer than 4 students in group)
  • Complete ski or snowboard rental gear for the day


*Holiday dates include December 25, 2017 through January 6, 2018, January 13-15, 2018 and February 17-19, 2018.